LIAM- Life Happens….. Are You Prepared?

Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month? There’s no better time for a life insurance check-up than right now. Here are 3 simple steps to help get you started in determining if your plans are up to date.

Not sure how much #lifeinsurance you need? This easy calculator can help you crunch the numbers

A lot of people think that the only people who need life insurance are working parents with young children. They definitely do, but so do people in many other life stages and situations. The needs may not be quite as great, but there’s a need all the same. Find out if someone in your situation needs it.

Is term or permanent #lifeinsurance the choice for you? Wonder no longer with this easy tool.

Got 2 minutes? That’s enough time to check an important task off your to-do list. Find out how much life insurance you may need with this free online calculator