Health insurance is currently viewed by many as one of the most volatile and complex insurance areas in the marketplace today. The impact of the recently enacted Affordable Care Act (ACA) is not yet known and even insurance companies have indicated they can’t fully foresee how changes that are inevitable may affect their policyholders going forward. 

The “marketplace“, as the national website has been referred to, is designed to be a one stop shop where anyone, anywhere, anytime can obtain a health insurance quote for themselves or their family. You can even apply for the plan of your choice online as well. 

While in theory this doesn’t sound awfully complicated, however in practice the process can become confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. Our agency can provide assistance with helping you navigate and we make every effort to answer your questions.  The reality of this health care overhaul as played out thus far proves one thing if nothing else…health insurance coverage as we knew it continues to change and evolve.