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Open for Business sm, an online disaster planning tool for businesses, is available to employees, agents and policyholders of Institute for Business & Home Safety member insurance companies. This online planning tool focuses on three categories of protection to help you survive a natural disaster:

  • Your human resources
  • Your physical resources
  • Your business operation

You will identify what natural hazard events could affect you and what you can do to reduce your exposure to the events through protection of your building and contents. You will also develop a plan to resume essential business operations.

You can create your plans in stages, save your current work on the Institute for Business & Home Safety website, and return to pick up where you left off. You can always update or change information as needed. At all times, the data entered, and the final plans, are only accessible by you or those who share your username and password.

You have the option to save the completed plan online, with IBHS, so that it is available at any time from any location. This is especially important following a disaster when your primary location may not be accessible. You may also save your plans locally, e.g. on your hard drive, disk, CD, or a paper copy.

Ask your agent if your insurance company is a member of Institute for Business & Home Safety!