Referral Program

Our clients get the value of “I have an agent”- someone who doesn’t just sell a product but asks questions to make sure the product meets their needs. Whether you have simply made policy changes or filed a claim, you know we provide quality customer service- we go the extra mile to quote options or follow up to make sure things are on track.

Our clients are the best advertising we could ask for! You know us…. and you know your friends. You know who would make a good client for our agency.

To encourage your referrals, we have a referral program and run special incentives. Our referral program consists of putting your name in our monthly drawing for every referral turned client.

2013 Incentive- Refer a friend, relative, coworker and receive a pizza. This also puts your name in our year end drawing for a flat screen TV, $100 gas card, $50 gas card and other awards. Referrals must be made by December 31, 2013