Parking Lot Safety & Sidewalk Maintenance

  • Road salt does not work on cold days, less than 15º F.
  • Anti-icing chemicals must be applied prior to snow fall.
  • Sand only works on top of snow as traction. It provides no melting.
  • De-icing works best if you plow before applying material.
  • De-icers melt snow and ice. They provide no traction on top of snow and ice.
  • Calcium chloride can cause deterioration of concrete pavers. The instructions on many chloride bags contain warnings that calcium should not be used on Portland cement concrete products or on clay pavers.
  • Urea also may be used if there is no concern about killing plants. Urea does not cause efflorescence, but it is very expensive compared to calcium chloride and concentrations of nitrogen at the run-off points may kill vegetation.

De-Icing Guidelines, Melt Times, Melt Characteristics, and More!